Adding a new domain in Webmin + Virtualmin

For any of your domains, create the registry subsidiary NS (NS child).

Suppose that for will be:


Create domain:


Then, in the Virtualmin, click the Create Virtual Server, choose the option New virtual server type: Top-level server for the first domain (or when you need to create a separate account) or Sub-server for all subsequent domain. AND can fill the following fields:


+ New virtual server details


Domain name:;


Adminstration password: enter password;


Server Configuration template: select a template if available, or leave the Default Settings.


Administration username: write the name of the user who creates a domain, otherwise the name will automatically appear on the domain name.


+ IP address and forwarding


Network interface: Here are the IP on which the domain will be created.


Click Сreate server.


DNS settings:


Select to Virtualmin in paragraph Server Configuration => DNS Records:


We choose the "NS - Name Server" and click on "Create Record of Type"


In the "Name Server DNS name" specifies the name of the server with the point at the end, for example: and


click on the button "Create".


Repeat the above procedure for

Now it is necessary to create an "A" record for each of the NS server for this:

We choose the "A - IPv4 Address" and click "Create Record of Type"


Repeat the above procedure for NS2 with the IP address

As a result of actions taken DNS Record table will have the following form:




If you want to create dependent NS for all domains in the future, we need to create the template. You can do this as follows:


in Virtualmin in choosing + System Settings => Server Templates => Create a template from the default settings.


Specify the following options:


Template name: domain (template name);
For use by: Put all the checkboxes:

Initially selected template for top-level servers ?: Yes;
Initially selected template for sub-servers ?: Yes;


click Create.


We choose from the list template created domain.


From the drop-down list Edit template section: choose BIND DNS and fills in the fields.


BIND DNS records for new domains: choose an option Records below and enter into the field:


@ IN NS (with the dot at the end)

@ IN NS (with the dot at the end)


Click Save.


Now when you add a new domain, these NS and will be listed automatically.

Now to add the domain will be enough to Virtualmin-in click Create Virtual Server, install the virtual server type Sub-server and fill in the following fields:


+ New virtual server details


Domain name :;


+ IP address and forwarding


Network interface: user IP on which the domain will be created.


All the approaches mentioned in the main domain will be relevant to all domains for which he is listed as a Parent server.


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