Adding a new IP address in Webmin + Virtualmin (* NEW *).

Enter the panel, then "Webmin" => "Network Configuration" => "Network Interfaces"


Select "Interfaces Activated at Boot Time" and then select the interface "eth0" (depending on the operating system can be em0, fkp0, bge0, etc.).


Then "Add virtual interface"


Fill in the following fields:

"Name"  - Alias name of the network, for example: 1,2,3, etc.

"Netmask" - It must always be

"IP adress" - IP address you want to add.

"Broadcast" - It matches the IP address.

And finally click "Create and Apply"


Repeat the above procedure for the other IP addresses as a result of Network Interfaces table gets the following form:


Go to the "Virtualmin" to insert "Addresses and Networking" in the field "Shared adresses for any servers", enter the IP address add and then click on the "Save" button.


Settings backups to FTP-server (* NEW *).


In Virtualmin choose + Visualize / Restore => Scheduled backup and fill in the following fields:

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