What must not be placed on Webslo?

- It is strictly forbidden to publish content type of child pornography (Child Porn) in all manifestations, Zoo, Bestality, Farm, provoking violence, gambling (gambling), xenophobia.

- It is strictly prohibited publication and distribution of malicious software (malware) on all types of services.

- It is strictly forbidden to publish any .exe files on a virtual hosting. These files will be deleted without warning.

- It is strictly forbidden to send mass unsolicited e-mail messages - SPAM (Mass mailing). Mass mailing is understood as sending messages to multiple recipients and multiple sending to one recipient in a short period of time.

- It is strictly prohibited any unauthorized appeals to foreign servers (Hacking).

- It is forbidden to publish illegal material, false information and materials uvredjive nature, narušavaćih third party rights, copyrights and intellectual property rights.

- Users of virtual hosting prohibited create load on the server for more than 10% during the period more than 10 minutes, a deliberate exceed their quota disk, modify the restrictions imposed on the functioning of the script.

- Users of VPN services prohibited from using network robots and other specialized programs; Internet use illegal methods, and transfer to Beowebnet responsibility for damage of any kind suffered by the client or third parties during the use of services; create a parasitic load on the software, the middle parts of the network in volumes larger than necessary for normal operation of the server and the availability of their individual elements.


Beowebnet has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services in whole or in part, in the event of a breach of these rules and to submit data that has available to law enforcement authorities.

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