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Server Administration

Customer support is done via the ticket system. If necessary, staff can communicate with the client and in other ways (E-mail, Skype, Viber, phone, etc.).
Our administrators are willing to help you to solve the problem 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Our Sales service operates Monday to Friday 09:00 to 5:00 p.m. (according to the schedule of these services in data centers).
If you have questions that require immediate intervention or want to rent a server from section Top or Rapid servers, outside working hours, on weekends or holidays, to speed up the processing of your question, you can send an SMS to the number of tickets, or call the phone number listed in our contacts.

Server without administrative support (unmanaged) implies:

- Hardware problems;
- Network problems (DC level);
- Reload with no stored data;
- Reboot.

Engaging our experts to address other issues and problems is 30 € / h. Minimum - 1h.

Servers with support administrator (basic management)

Currently we support operating systems Linux, CentOS, Debian and FreeBSD. Install the control panel for the managed servers is required. Of your choice, in the preparation of the server, we offer you:

Commercial DirectAdmin panel +14 €.
Free Webmin + Virtualmin

Via the ticket system, we provide you with support in solving the following technical problems:

- Installation and upgrade software;
- Help, and consultations related to the initial creation of the domain / database / cron and other things for which there are instructions in the knowledge base;
- Server cleanup of the consequences of "hacker intervention".

Timeout help by the administrator on a monthly basis is 8 hours, and if the client needs more, the customer can order an additional 4 hours at a cost of € 45.

Help does not currently include:

- Issues related to abuse (Abuse), except in cases requiring treatment of the consequences of hacker intervention.
- Troubleshooting on page DC (hardware problems, network problems), because we are not responsible for the speed of solving problems that arise because of an error data center.
Addressing critical issues, such as the decline in service and the server fault data center.

Developing and implementing custom solutions within the allotted time possible and without the constant support to the client's request and consent of our administrators.

The transition from unmanaged to basic management is possible only through Reload system on a server with the loss of all data. Logging out basic management can be no earlier than 6 months from the beginning of the service.

In the case of interference in the work / server settings and / or server software of third parties, administration, hosting reserves the right to refuse further free support.

The above applies only to servers that are ordered with us. We do not make servicing foreign servers so please refrain from such proposals.

Data backup

Data Backup is a backup on your computer in another location. In case of loss of data on your computer or server or service, you can restore the necessary information. Restore data from backup is much easier and faster compared to the process of tracing and recovery of data from disk neispravanog, even after accidental deletion.

Storage Price
10GB € 5
20GB € 7.5
40GB € 10

Any subsequent + 20GB - € 5
Backup orders can be available only to owners of Dedicated Server. Order Back up service can by sending a request via the ticket system.